Thursday, January 27, 2005

Sapthaswarangal in Sun TV

Vanakkam Vandhanam Sushwaghatham .....

AV Ramanan is not hosting it now a days. That elegance is missing. I don't know wheather this new guy (I forgot his name, he is a news reader in Sun TV) knows anything about carnatic music. Anyways, the show is for the young aspirants by whom the show is a big success.

Friday, January 21, 2005

Working in night

Oooops, I really don't know what I am typing. A simple update query took 5 corrections. I accept, working in night is really very difficult. I was telling my friends who were working in call centres, "work in nights, job hunt in day..." - it sounds good but very tough. I am finding it difficult to work after 4:00 am. So I am going for sleep now.....tata.....

Monday, January 17, 2005

Great wall of TamilNadu

Nobody would have heard the word Tsunami a month back. But now everyone are talking about it.

"Tsunami" is now going to be a hunting ground for the politicians in TN. How?

Great wall is to be built along the coast till KanyaKumari!! I would like to see the genius who has given this great idea. Nature cannot be controlled, cannot be stopped. We should allow the nature to take its own course. We can only control the extent of the damage or its intensity. Building a wall will do no good. It is better we grow thick trees.

Our politicians will say that sea has eaten the wall without even building it.

For a change I will post my own comment:

Itha thaan Tamil la "yaanaiku komanam katrathu nu solluvaanga..."

Wednesday, January 05, 2005

Roaming in Bombay

I have seen some of the important places in Mumbai. But wherever I go, I face a problem - language problem. I am struggling a lot to communicate with people, and some times I am even afraid to talk with people. But somehow I manage the show.

I came to Mumbai on 23rd of Aug 2004 and we were put at Vashi, Navi Mumbai. There was no work initially. I didn't even feel that I am out of Tamil Nadu. I was watching all the serials in Sun TV, nice South Indian food (we had identified a Tamil hotel), no rush in Trains, only 8 to 9 hours of work etc. So I had time to see some places in Mumbai.

First was Elephanta Caves. It took one hour for us to reach VT. Another one hour of travel in Boat from Gateway of India. With so much of expectation we went inside the cave. There was nothing inside except Monkeys! (Be careful - You can't have any food in your hand, monkeys will take away). The cave looks like an Elephant and hence the name 'Elephanta Caves'. But for me it didn't look so. The cave is dedicated for Lord Shiva and you can find Shiva with 5 faces of which I was able to see only 3. There is no lighting inside and most of the sculptures are broken. Except for a two-hour ride (1 + 1) in boat, there is nothing interesting inside Elephanta.

Nariman Point: This is one of the best places in Mumbai. You can see many families, lovers, friends, just simply chatting and relaxing. Nice place to put a vetti arattai. You can clearly see the Queen’s Necklace.

Haji Ali: This is a famous Mosque within the sea. It was like a Taj Mahal from a distant view. But inside, it was very much dirty. Poor maintenance. I don’t know what will happen during high tide.

Taal Pub: This pub is in Vashi. Very near to our lodge where we stayed. This was my first experience in a pub. I was shocked when I entered. In a small hall there were around 10 girls dancing in the middle. One guy came inside, and after some time he was putting all his 10 rupee notes on a girls head – patthu rooba abishekham!!

Tuesday, January 04, 2005

Leaving to my Home Town

I am going to my home town this week. I am going there after a 6 months. I am just waiting for the day of my travel. I will be seeing all of my friends/relatives. After a long time I will be speaking oor vambu!!

Mumbai life is interesing too. For everyone in Mumbai its a fast life, but for me, it is opposite.

I will write something about the places what I have seen in Mumbai sometimes later... Stay tuned.